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The Pugs of the Yankee Pug Dog Club

Statement of Ethics

The welfare of our Pugs is of the utmost importance to all of us. Members of the YPDC accept and adhere to the PDCA Code of Ethics...

CODE OF ETHICS from www.pugs.org

Code of Ethics and Educational Instruction Guidelines

All PDCA members must agree to abide by these rules, making the purchase of a pug puppy from a club member a more enjoyable experience.

What's New

We have added a Member Renewal form to our website. You can find the form here.


Pug Dog Club of America

You haven't lived until you have been owned by a Pug.

The Pug, one of the oldest breeds, has flourished true to his breed down through the ages from before 400 B.C. He has always been domesticated and has endeared himself to mankind.

The truth of how the Pug came into existence is shrouded in mystery, but authorities are agreed that he is of Oriental origin with some basic similarities to the Pekingese. China, where the breed was the pet of the Buddhist monasteries in Tibet, is its earliest known source. It next appeared in Japan, and then in Europe, where it became the favorite for various royal courts. MORE >>

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