The Pugs of the Yankee Pug Dog Club

Code of Ethics

The welfare of our Pugs is of the utmost importance to all of us. Members of the YPDC accept and adhere to the PDCA Code of Ethics.

Code of Ethics and Educational Instruction Guidelines

All PDCA members must agree to abide by these rules, making the purchase of a pug puppy from a club member a more enjoyable experience.

Code of Ethics

  1. I will strive to improve my breeding program to meet the American Kennel Club Standard of the Pug breed.

  2. I do not condone and will not participate in mixed breeding or breeding Pugs that are not AKC registered.

  3. With each Pug sold, I will make available the following: diet and care information, immunization and health record, three generation pedigree and, where applicable, a registration application or transfer. I will also provide a copy of the Code of Ethics, Educational Guidelines and will offer to help with problem solving throughout the dog's life.

  4. I will become familiar with, and abide by, all American Kennel Club rules and regulations, and I understand that suspension by the American Kennel Club is grounds for action by the Pug Dog Club of America.

  5. I will not knowingly sell a dog to a pet shop or dealer or other commercial outlet for resale, or to any person known to sell dogs to such dealers; I will not knowingly permit any of my dogs to be sold at auction or used as any type of prize, either directly or indirectly.

  6. Should anyone, at anytime, become unable or unwilling to keep a Pug sold or placed by me, I will take that dog back.

  7. I will not knowingly make or circulate untrue statements concerning the conduct, dogs, or breeding programs or practices of any other member. (4/98)

Educational Instruction Guidelines

  1. PDCA Members’ primary concern shall be the care, health and welfare of the Pug.

  2. PDCA Members believe the purpose of the Pug is to provide love and companionship; realizing this cannot be fulfilled if they spend most of their time in kennels or crates.

  3. PDCA Members do not breed just for the pet market and believe the only justifiable reason to breed is to improve the breed.

  4. PDCA members breed only mature, well-rested, healthy, high representatives of the breed. “Substandard” Pugs are sold as “Pet Quality” on spay/neuter contracts and without papers or on AKC Limited registrations.

  5. PDCA Members do not produce more puppies than they can personally expect to find excellent, carefully screened homes for.

  6. PDCA Members selectively place and follow up on all puppies sold, realizing responsibility for the entire life of all puppies they have brought into the world.

  7. PDCA Members take the same care screening bitch owners applying for stud service; actually mating only bitches whose owners they feel confident will also abide by the high standards of this Code of Ethics and the Educational Guidelines.

  8. PDCA Members use truth in advertising, sales and other dog related activities.

  9. PDCA Members act as goodwill ambassadors for the Pug breed. In so doing, members attempt to educate the public, interested parties and new owners whenever possible.

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